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In Tynong, looking for a driving school near me? Learning Pedals Driving School Tynong has a professional Driving Instructor providing affordable driving lessons in Tynong. Cheap Discounted Packages! Book Now with Learning Pedals Driving School, Tynong!

Tynong is located on the Gippsland railway south-east of Melbourne. As a smaller suburb, Tynong has a variety of gravel and main roads to practice on and limited residential road. Learning to drive on the gravel roads can be a nerve wracking experience for new drivers. Our driving instructor in Tynong is friendly and patient and ensures that learners are in a stress-free environment to gradually build their skills and confidence.

Our driving instructor in Tynong structures your driving lessons so that you maximize learning while growing in skill and confidence at a steady pace. Once you are comfortable with the basics of car control on Tynong Road or Railway Avenue, they will guide you to learn more intermediate skills such as safely entering and maintaining speed along the fast paced Princes Highway. When you are ready to prepare for your drive test they will then structure your intense drive test preparation lessons to introduce you to more advanced driving situations while ensuring you are competently meeting the drive test criteria. Whether you are a new learner driver experiencing the roads for the first time or a test ready student wanting to fine tune your head-checks and lane changes, our Tynong driving instructor has you covered with their unique teaching methods.

Tynong is close to both VicRoads Warragul and Pakenham East. Preparing for your drive test requires a detailed knowledge of the area but more importantly the drive test criteria and our driving
instructors have a thorough knowledge of the drive test criteria. This knowledge combined with extensive experience over the years will guide you to not only succeed at your drive test but also to become a capable and responsible solo driver.

With affordable packages to suit every budget and every learner, we have flexible driving instructors in Tynong to provide quality driving lessons. Call us now on 04 1006 7479 to book in!

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