Refresher Driving Lessons

Sometimes life gets in the way and although you have licence you may not have driven for awhile. Getting back on the road can be a little stressful especially as things may have changed since you were last on the roads. At Learning Pedals Driving School, we take the stress away and ease you back onto the roads. We patiently guide you through any changes and steer your confidence back on track.

Learning Pedals Driving School assists you in becoming road ready again. Our Driving Instructors are well trained and extremely knowledgeable. With extensive experience, our driving instructors always ensure they are aware of any changes in laws, road rules and structures. They are patient, reassuring and ready to help working with you patiently achieving the desired outcomes as a team. We have packages to suit every budget and every situation, saving you hundreds of dollars. Please click here to see our packages.

Our Driving Instructors always go that extra mile to ensure that you understand the roads, road laws, road structures and most importantly road safety. As a driver we have a tremendous responsibility towards the safety of ourselves, our loved ones and our car. But this is not where it ends, our responsibility of safety also extends to the general public and their properties. Safety is always a priority to our Instructors and they do not cut any corners, providing you with a wholesome experience.

Our Driving Instrutors have sound experience in working with people from different cultures and backgrounds, races and ages. So call us and have a chat with our friendly administration team or driving instructors and get road ready in an affordable and effective manner!

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