Driving Lessons

When it comes to learning to drive or getting ready for your Drive Test, you need a driving instructor that you not only have trust and faith in but more importantly connect with. Our Driving Instructors in Melbourne are knowledgeable, experienced, friendly and professional driving instructors. As a professional business, Learning Pedals Driving School’s focus is always on you and your needs.

Our team of Driving Instructors –

  • are fully qualified and accredited
  • speak fluent English
  • continuously upgrade their skills to give you the best service
  • have undergone rigorous training
  • use the latest cars with high safety ratings to ensure your safety on the road
  • consist of both male and female driving instructors to make you feel more comfortable
  • are professional and reliable
  • are Keys2Drive accredited
  • are members of the Australian Driver Training Association Victoria
  • are friendly, flexible and dedicated to you and achieving your results!

Whether you are a nervous beginner or have experience and are just looking to fine tune your skills for your Drive Test our driving instructors work with you around your time schedule to achieve your goals and give you the best service possible.

Learning Pedals Driving School takes your stress away and ensures you have a smooth learning process. Melbourne is a city with diverse cultures, beliefs and ethnicities. Our Driving Instructors have sound experience in working with people from different cultures and backgrounds, races and ages and are sensitive and respectful to all differences.

As a driver we have a tremendous responsibility towards the safety of not only yourself, your self, your loved ones and your car but also to the general public and their properties. So it is very important for you to know the right thing from the beginning before you drive on the roads. Our driving lessons focus on road structures, road rules, road laws and road ethics. Courtesy on the roads is a huge aspect of road safety.

Our Driving instructors structure your driving lessons to suit your learning pace and accordingly adjust their instructing styles to ensure you get the most out of the lesson. We work with you patiently step by step building your skills and achieving the desired outcomes as a team. We have packages to suit every budget and every situation, saving you hundreds of dollars.

For beginner drivers or those needing a bit of guidance along the way we have a range of lesson options and affordable packages to meet your driving needs. Please click here to see our packages for beginner and intermediate driving lessons. For those drivers who are drive test ready and need a quick fine tune of their skills, we have a range of drive test packages to prepare you and accompany you to obtain your driving license, please click here to see our drive test and drive test preparation packages.

Learning Pedals Driving School is the one of the best in Melbourne in terms of safety, knowledge and customer service. You can rest assured that you are in safe hands with the number one Driving School in Melbourne, Learning Pedals Driving School.

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