Manual Driving Lessons

Getting your driving licence enhances lifestyle and employment opportunities and gives us as individuals a sense of independence. Manual driving gives drivers additional benefits in terms of employment prospects and even lifestyle prospects. With certain industries requiring manual licences, obtaining a manual licence gives an advantage to those possessing it.

Learning how to drive manual is not only learning how to pass the test. At Learning Pedals we focus on giving you the skills and ability to keep yourself and those around you safe, knowledge on how to drive and what is needed in different situations and the fulfillment of a new and versatile skill.

Nervous to learn manual? Our friendly and professional manual driving instructors ease the burden and make you comfortable instantly creating a fun and safe learning environment. Our manual driving instructors guide you in a step-by-step method enabling you to learn without being overwhelmed with the experience.

Know how to drive and just looking to convert your licence? Our manual driving instructors can assist you with a focused plan to achieve your goals. Building on the skills and platform that you already have they will work with you in a fast and efficient manner to ensure you get the best outcome in a timely manner.

Our manual driving instructors in Melbourne are professional, experienced, friendly and most importantly knowledgeable. They are able to adjust their style to your learning pace to ensure you understand the concepts being delivered. Your manual driving lessons will be structured and balanced to ensure you learn the skills while gaining all the knowledge and confidence. Our manual driving instructors will ensure your manual driving lessons cover road structures, car dynamics, road rules, road safety and courtesy as well.

Our team of Manual Driving Instructors –

  • are fully qualified and accredited
  • speak fluent English
  • continuously upgrade their skills to give you the best service
  • have undergone rigorous training
  • use the latest cars with high safety ratings to ensure your safety on the road
  • are professional and reliable
  • are Keys2Drive accredited
  • are members of the Australian Driver Training Association Victoria
  • are friendly, flexible and dedicated to you and achieving your results!

Learning Pedals Driving School’s focus is always on you and your needs. With packages to suit every budget and situation, we are determined to achieve your goals. Please click here to see our packages.

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